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The National Museum of Marine Science and Technology Conceptual Master Plan

Keelung, Taiwan

As a member of a Joint Venture team, CRJA-IBI Group developed a master and conceptual design plan for the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology in Keelung, Taiwan.

The Team sought to develop the museum as a destination attraction, an economic engine, a focus of community identity, and, not least, a place of advocacy – for ecological awareness, for sustainable growth, for environmental education, for protection of the delicate balance that exists at the interface of land and ocean.

The Plan reflects a new balance for the museum, combining the exhibition of diverse life forms, as is seen in the best aquariums, with sophisticated interpretive methods and exhibit media, as is seen in the best science museums. This amalgam in program and content is the key to the museum’s power of attraction and to its financial and cultural success.

Keelung City, Taiwan

Business Line
Institutions; Planning


Harry Fuller, Principal