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Charlestown Navy Yard Site Improvements

Charlestown, MA

In conjunction with the bicentennial birth date of the U.S.S. Constitution, CRJA-IBI Group designed site and paving improvements at the National Park Service historic site in the former Charlestown Navy Yard.

The improvements incorporate many sustainable design principles. The major part of the improvement project, some 20 acres, involved repaving the Navy Yard. CRJA-IBI Group developed several repaving options. The recommended option involved reusing much of the existing bituminous concrete pavement.

The surface was scarified with a cold planer to remove the aged pavement. A geotextile fabric was installed to bridge any deficiencies in the pavement prior to re-paving with new bituminous concrete pavement. The State allows up to 10% of the new bituminous concrete pavement to be composed of recycled pavement. Using this method of repaving in lieu of removing the entire existing pavement structure and subbase also protected the historic fabric. Any archaeological resources that were within or beneath the existing pavement were preserved. The impact to Boston Harbor was also reduced by employing the less disruptive repaving technique. Granite and brick pavers quarried or manufactured in New England were used. This minimized the transportation required, reducing the use of fossil fuels.


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