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North Bank Bridge Park

Boston, Cambridge, and Charlestown, MA

As a member of a Joint Venture design team, CRJA-IBI Group designed the final piece of the waterfront park system in the New Charles River Basin, located beneath the new Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge.

The North Bank Bridge and its associated park component is the final park project in the NCR Basin, one that encompassed a complex public process, balancing the needs of several public agencies and numerous public constituents. The 11-acre park contains waterfront esplanades, passive open space, and special treatment to animate the underbridge pedestrian environment on both the Boston and Cambridge sides of the river. The planning process included siting a maintenance facility, and accommodating such active recreation facilities as multi-use trails, soccer fields, tennis courts and a skateboard park, much of which will be added in future phases.

Massachusetts Dept. of Transportation/Massachusetts Dept. of Conservation & Recreation

11 Acres

Business Line
Parks & Open Spaces, Waterfronts

US Northeast

John Amodeo, Principal
Cathy Offenberg, Principal
Harry Fuller, Principal
Horace Aikman, Senior Associate
Christopher C. Bridle, Senior Associate
Steven M. Woods, Senior Associate

Photo Credit
Chuck Choi,

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